Amix is a clean and user-friendly business software. Its main targets are small to medium-size companies. All pieces of Amix are generally useful except for one module which deals with wood manufacturing.

Amix is attractive for such companies because of two features:

  1. Ease of maintenance:
    Amix is straightforward to install and maintain. This is due to the fact, that its code base is reasonably small and written in 100% pure Java. There is a standalone mode in which jetty is used as the HTTP server and there is a web application mode through which Amix can be deployed on any application server, e.g. Tomcat. Data storage is performed in two ways. First all textual data is kept in a MySQL database and second attached documents are put on the file system. Both places are well organized and can be understood without difficulty.
  2. Ease of use:
    I assume most people are familiar with editing forms on the web. To use Amix nothing more is needed. There is a menu which guides users to the part of Amix they want to go to and there are inter page links which jump directly from one page to another, e.g. from the customer to its related offers and orders. In short, the interface of Amix is mostly click and play.

While being easy to maintain and use, Amix still provides many of the fundamental components of a full fledged business platform:

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